Meijer & de Groot


We won the Akademia Music Award for the best Pop Rock song in February 2017!


Connected through friendship with love for writing music we emerged as M&G in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We compose and play our own music to be recognized by tight guitar-solos and polyphonic vocals. A firm rhythm-section completes this typical M&G-sound.


We've been working hard to create our very first album called Out of the Blue. It's for sale now for €12,50 (free shipping in Europe) and we'd be very glad if you grab a copy to support us!

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  • Cant Get You Out Of My Heart
  • Mary Ann
  • You Make My Day


  • Jacqueline Meijer
    Lead Vocals
  • Gerrit de Groot
    Guitar, Vocals
  • Marc Meijer
  • Margo de Groot
    Keys, Vocals
  • Pepijn Gieles


Thinking about booking us? You can always give us a call at +316 437 06 556 or send an email to [email protected]

Germany contact: Anke Zacharias, +49 1764 2138 565, [email protected]

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